2018 Ford Super Duty Designs, Engine, Release Date, Price

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Ford Super Duty is a small truck that is recommended so much. After success with the latest version, the company plans to launch the next version named 2018 Ford Super Duty. Of course, it will come with many changes. If you are interested in it, it will be better to pay attention to the rumors that will be discussed in this article below.

2018 Ford Super Duty Designs

In relation to the design, you will find many 2018 Ford Super Duty changes. For example, it will come with higher utilization. It will also have the lighter body because of the aluminum materials. The stainless grille adds the attractiveness of this small truck. You can also find the changes on the headlamps, taillights and bumpers, too.

2018 Super Duty changes also include the interior. It does not only continue the previous standard features, this small truck is also equipped with some new features and techs. It also looks more luxurious and feels more comfortable so that it offers the better driving experience. That is why 2017 Ford Super Duty is awaited so much.

2018 Ford Super Duty Engine

Related to the engine, this future small truck will be powered by 6.7 liter V8 diesel engine. This engine is very powerful where it can produce up to 440 horsepower. Besides that, it can also deliver up to 860 pounds feet of torque.

2018 Ford Super Duty Release Date

You should be patient to wait for this new Ford pickup because 2018 Super Duty release date is predicted to be in the late of this year. However, some rumors predict that it is going to come out in the early of 2018. So, it will be better to wait for the official announcement.

2018 Ford Super Duty Price

After knowing the rumors above, you need to know about its price. For the base model, the price starts from 34,000 dollars. However, it is available in some models so that you need to spend more money for the higher models. Anyway, 2018 Ford Super Duty should be prioritized for your next small truck.

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