2018 Ford Mustang Redesign, Powertrain, Specs And Release Date

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Over decades, Ford becomes one of the special auto manufacture in the world. This auto manufacture is special with some kinds of the great product, which will be nice to renew the sense of your journey. Here, to open the new competition in the newest market, Ford prepares to reveal the 2018 Ford mustang soon. It is a family of sport car, which will deliver special performance. Let us see some detail specs of it below.

2018 Ford mustang exterior view

The new Ford comes with the very special exterior detail. The body of the car is excellent with the sleek look in its natural look. The natural look is gotten by the no-layer-motif in the appearance of the body. A new and sharper headlight occurs in the front side of the car. In other hand, there is a good additional feature in the back of 2018 mustang, which will make it looks more modern.

Ford mustang interior

This sport car applies the coupe style. It means that there is only a row seat inside the car with two passengers in maximal capacity. Of course, by the capacity of the seat, we could see that 2018 Ford mustang is one of the elite choice of the new car. In other hand, the interior of the car is also sleek with the kinds of its features. There are new GPS with touchscreen layer in the dashboard, new audio and video player, Bluetooth and USB connection, and others.

2018 Ford mustang engine

Try to guess the base engine of this car. Yes, talking about the 2018 mustang horsepower, I am sure that you will be amazed with its detail. The base engine of this car is 5.0L V8 engine. The big engine is able to deliver up to 740 horsepower! It is a good engine for your challenging performance. The engine is also good in acceleration by its eco-boost tech.

Ford mustang price and release date

About the 2018 mustang gt release date, we expect that it will be ready in the market in the beginning of the next year. Then, about the base price of 2018 Ford mustang, we expect that it is around $45,000.

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