2018 Ford Fusion Release Date, Price, Redesign

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The Fusion is revised last years as it receives slightly more up to date designs and new engines. However, most of them remain unchanged that are usually the cases with its facelift. While the company does hope for sales improvements, it doesn’t really happen. For the starter, back in 2016, the company sells about 40,000 fewer units than which have been sold in 2015. On the top of that, the sale for first two month of 2017 version is with about 40% worse than the similar month of 2016. These massive losses are mostly because the cars are dated and most of the rivals receive massive updates. Even though, it seems that the models are probably doomed, there are still hopes for 2018 ford fusion.

2018 ford fusion price and day of release

So far, the company has not commented about the performance of the cars. However, the industry insiders suggest that 2018 ford fusion release date would arrive a lot sooner than expected. By means of price, it probably keeps the current base prices about $22,000 with top end model going for about $35,000.

2018 ford fusion redesigns

The current models are the cars which set the trends for most Ford’s current roster. However, it is still unclear if 2018 ford fusion would do the same. 2018 ford fusion redesign probably goes ahead and updates it totally so that would get the fresh starts. Ford probably also goes down the routes of improving the current models. It is done in the past and it is pretty successful.

Even though this car is comfortable and the material is around the averages of their class, this car could not be regarded as great vehicle to be in. Its dashboard’s design is bleak and its driving positions are higher than most their rival. Also, the back seats would only comfortably carry two people. This car is expected to change the whole of them.

By means of 2018 ford fusion specs, currently there are three gas engines and also two hybrids available that are a little bit too much. Most of the rivals, however, barely offer three engine options. Both 2.5 liter naturally aspirated inline-4, and 2-liter hybrid is expected for being gone. On 2018 ford fusion, six-speed automatic would be replaced with upcoming nine-speed gearbox that must be sizable improvements.

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