2017 Ford Trucks F-450 Exterior, Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date

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Today, there are so many small trucks. If you consider Ford 2017 Ford trucks, I suggest you to buy F 450. It can be considered as one of the best options available. So, it is recommended so much. Before buying this new small truck, you need to know the review first. That is why this article will help you give the information about the detailed specs.

2017 Ford F 450 Exterior and Interior

As one of the most recommended Ford truck models, Ford F 450 comes with lighter weight. The lighter weight makes it better in performance. Besides that, it also comes with remodeled bumpers from stainless, new taillights, front lights, and some other redesigned parts that make it look more attractive and impressive.

For the interior, it looks clean, luxurious and modern. It keeps the standard features and adds some new features. For example, it applies 8 inch touch screen, telescopic controls, high quality audio speakers, etc. This is also more comfortable because of the high quality materials such as leather. That is why it belongs to the top 2017 Ford trucks.

2017 Ford F 450 Engine

The engine offered is similar to 2017 Ford F-150. This new small truck is powered by 6.7 liter V8 engine. This diesel engine is very powerful where it can deliver up to 440 horsepower. Besides that, it also offers amazing torque up to 860 pounds feet of torque. The engine is paired with 10 speed auto power-stroke transmissions. The speed and mpg are also satisfying enough.

2017 Ford F 450 Price and Release Date

The price of 2017 Ford F450 depends on the model you choose. If you want to buy the base model, you should pay from 53,000 dollars. Because there are some higher models, the prices are also more expensive. So, you must choose one wisely.

This small truck has been launched in this year. Therefore, if you are interested in it, you can buy it now. Just go to a dealer and choose your desired model. Make sure that you adjust it to your budget. Anyway, Ford F 450 belongs to the best 2017 Ford trucks available in the market today.

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