2017 Ford Ranger Price, Release Date, Exterior, Interior, Engine

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Ford Ranger comes again with the new version named 2017 Ford Ranger. In this year, it becomes one of the most favorite modern small trucks. Compared to the previous version, it has some changes. That is why it is very interesting to discuss about its review and specs. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the following article.

2017 Ford Range Exterior

In relation to the exterior, there are some changes that you can notice on 2017 Ford Ranger. One of them is the headlights. Besides that, the taillights are also new. Then, it also use the stronger steel as well as aluminum for the materials.

2017 Ford Ranger Interior

The interior is also very impressive. This new Ford Ranger USA does not only offer greater driving experience but also the more comfortable and luxurious interior. Even more, some new features are added to make it more interesting. Anyway, the features are complete including the safety, infotainment, comfort, and even entertainment.

2017 Ford Ranger Engine

This new car is very powerful. You need to thank to its engine where it uses TDCi 3.2 liter engine. With this engine, it can deliver up to 200 horsepower. Besides that, it also offers 470 pounds feet of torque. For the MPG, it 2017 Ford Ranger can cover 22 mpg city and 31 mpg highway.

2017 Ford Ranger Price

Because it offers many improvements, it is reasonable if the price is also more expensive than the previous one. For the base model, the price starts from 50,000 dollars. Besides, it is also available in other higher models and the prices are also certainly more expensive. If you think that it is too expensive, you can consider buying Ford Ranger used.

2017 Ford Range Release Date

If you are interested in this new car, you need to know about the new Ford Ranger release date. You can buy it now because it is available in the market. After being launched in this year, this is available at many dealers. Even though the target is in USA, this can be found in many other countries.

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