2017 Ford Flex Review, Changes, Updates, Engine Performance, and Price

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Is there any modern take on the classic-looking American family vehicle? If that is the one you are looking for, we highly suggest for you to pick 2017 Ford Flex this year. Despite the fact that it has over eight year old look, this car still makes it to be the best kind for you to choose. Let’s see then what is so good about this car through this review.

Ford Flex 2017 Model Design Exterior

Indeed, from 2017 Ford Flex configurations, you should have known that this car would still bring with it that classic touch on its exterior design. However, there is no need for you to worry. This very car here has distinctive, slab-sided styling to stand out and make the car look more modern. It has plenty of unusual designs, like grooved door panels as well.

Ford Flex 2017 Model Interior Update

How about the interior then? Ford Flex interior is one to not be taken lightly. It is because the interior of this car is both flexible and practical. Ford has its cabin that is comfortable enough for even up to 7 people to fit in. Inside of 2017 Ford Flex, you will get various useful features, like USB ports, 10 cup holders, console armrest, built-in fridge, and many more.

Ford Flex Engine Specs of 2017 Model

Sure, this car does come in various different trims. However, there is one standard engine used for all the trims. In 2017 Flex configurations, you will see that the car has 3.5-liter V6 engine under its hood. This engine can generate 287hp and 254lb-ft of torque. Still, there is an option in its higher trim. It is 35-liter V6 EcoBoost with 365hp and 350lb-ft torque.

Ford Flex Tagged Price of 2017 Model

If you are interested in this car, we are sure that you would be eager to know how much it is priced for, right? Basically, the base price of the car would start from $31,899. However, it won’t be the same case as in its higher trim with that EcoBoost engine. For this trim of 2017 Ford Flex, the price would start from up to $45,699. It is high, but worth paying for.

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