2017 Ford Fiesta Changes, Designs, Improvements, Specs, and Price

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Little sedan and hatchback can be pretty nice vehicle to consider, you see. From Ford, you can consider making the purchase of 2017 Ford Fiesta. This car will come to bring you the new update of its previous models. However, there have been some talks about it being not all brand new. So, let’s see if those talks are true by reviewing the car here.

Exterior Design of 2017 Ford Fiesta Model

Indeed, it seems that Ford has thought of the last updates on the previous model of this car to be well enough for the new model to still bring with. When it comes to the exterior, all we can say about it is that the car will come in subcompact size with European styling. What’s clear is that 2017 Ford Fiesta sedan is sure to come with new color options.

2017 Ford Fiesta Model Interior Design

If it is about the interior, you can expect various different things from this 2017 Ford Fiesta hatchback and sedan. That being said, the features to get differ depending on the trims the car has to offer. 2017 Ford Fiesta has its S trim for example, designed with 15” steel wheels, air conditioning, power door locks, etc. Others do come to offer other things for you.

Performance of 2017 Ford Fiesta Engine

How about the performance then? This small sedan we have here comes with 2 engine options in its regular options. The first is 1.6L four-cylinder that makes 120hp and 112lb-ft of torque, while the second is 1.0L EcoBoost turbocharged that produces 123hp an 125lb-ft of torque. In higher trim, you can expect 197hp and 202lb-ft of torque 1.6L turbocharged. Ford Fiesta price would differ though.

2017 Ford Fiesta Model Starting Price

Ford does not make this car to be so unreasonably pricey despite the fact that it has few changes on its exterior. That being said, this car is still worth to consider because Ford has other parts of it designed and featured well enough. The price of 2017 Ford Fiesta currently starts from $16,348. Wouldn’t it be affordable enough price to purchase the car?

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