2017 Ford F-350 Review, Exterior, Interior, Engine Performance, and Price

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Are you looking for super duty pickup with high performance? If you don’t mind spending much for it then, we would like to suggest you with 2017 Ford F350 here. There are various things you can expect from just every aspect of the car, you see. They are worth knowing if you are willing to discover them one by one. Here we go then.

Ford F350 2017 Exterior Development

If we have to start from the exterior, we would say that 2017 Ford F-350 super cab is one with clever touch. This touch we are talking about here is about having certain features included in its design. There are mirror-mounted LED spotlights in for the need of night construction, snow blowing in the dark, etc. There are also power-opening tailgate and body-mounted cameras too.

Ford F350 2017 Interior Improvement

You’ve got to hand it to Ford, when it comes to the design of the car. There are many features that are more improved than before prepared in 2017 Ford F-350 crew cab. They include big panoramic sunroof, seamless rear window, power sliding glass panel, downward sweeping front window line, power deployable side steps in 2017 Ford F350. They are only some to mention from it.

Ford F350 2017 Crew Cab Performance

Since it has been hinted earlier that this pickup is that of high performance kind; you can be sure to expect good engine from it. Well, why not? This car actually has the powerful 6.7L Power Stroke turbodiesel V8 engine under its hood. With it, the car can produce as much as 440 horsepower and 925 lb-ft of torque. It truly is 2017 Ford F-350 king ranch.

Price of the Super Duty 2017 Ford F350

How much do you think the car is priced for? Obviously, it won’t be so cheap. Well, it is high performance car after all. Let us tell you here that the base price of this car starts from $66,249. However, as it has been tested, the price of 2017 Ford F350 might go up to $96,263. For a car worth the price of that high, this super duty pickup is great to consider.

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